Maple Ridge RCMP to see higher budget

With Maple Ridge having 70 per cent of their police calls regarding problems or situations with the homeless population, the city will be spending $925,000 more than in 2013 on RCMP services alone.

The city will spend over 40 per cent of this year’s revenue on Police and Fire expenses combined, weighing in at a total of $15,950,000 on RCMP.

Mayor Ernie Daykin says that since the shut-down of Riverview mental facility, the lack of group homes and resources¬† have affected Maple Ridge’s homelessness situation, along with a combination of increased development and a slow rise in housing prices.

Although the majority of calls received are having to do with homeless situations, according to Maple Ridge’s Financial Overview Report the largest factors to the increase in expenditures on police are Pension Costs and RCMP Overhead.

Daykin stressed the amount of money was being spent on police and claimed it was in large part due to the constant calls received regarding situations involving homeless people.


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