Metro Vancouver debates location of medical marijuana facilities



The battle between agricultural land and industrial landed heated up last Friday, when members of Metro Vancouver debated which would be more suitable to host a medical marijuana growing operation.

Metro Vancouver discussed the benefits of factories being built on agricultural land as opposed to industrial land. Vancouver city councillor Andrea Reimer, however, saw more benefits in avoiding the use of factories in general, and treating the growth in a farm-like way. Although this was only her point of view, Reimer did suggest that each municipality should be able to make up their own rules about the use of farm land, industrial land, or no land at all when it came to medical marijuana operations.

The discussion of the different aspects and factors of medical marijuana has been on the table for municipalities for a long time, with little to know strong outcomes or decisions, and this meeting was no different. Members debated the issue for over an hour, with all members except Reimer agreeing that medical marijuana should be grown in fortified buildings on agricultural land.

“We all have different kinds of land available and a different idea of what we think is acceptable in our communities,” said Reimer.


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