Doctor Who is the new sexy

Geekenders members dress up and get ready for one of their previous shows, and they don't hold back on costumes. (Ashley Legassic)
Geekenders members dress up and get ready for one of their previous shows, and they don’t hold back on costumes. (Ashley Legassic)

Who says Dr. Who isn’t sexy?

The Geekenders are a Vancouver-based theatrical group that earned the well-deserved category of “nerdlesque.”

According to their website they run “events by geeks, for geeks,” and their upcoming shows at the Rio Theatre are no different.

The group did a sexy spin on the popular Doctor Who TV series called DON’T BLINK, at the Rio Theatre on April 2 featuring 12 performers to represent the 12 Doctors that have been on the show.

Never before seen

The routines in this show are ones that haven’t been seen before, according to nerdlesque showgirl Dezi Desire, who plays the fourth Doctor.

Dezi Desire (Facebook)
Dezi Desire (Facebook)

“It’s going to be a very interesting show, I’m really stoked for seeing everyone’s new routines that they came up with,” Desire said.

With over 1,300 “likes” on their Facebook page, the Geekenders already have a profound fan base, and have sold-out previous Rio shows.

The Rio Theatre’s website describes this show as a “big ball of wibbly wobbly… sexy wexy… stuff.”

The traditional “geeky” shows, movies and comics that the Geekenders pay tribute to attract a large audience which can expect a parody-like spin on them.

There is a difference between nerdlesque compared to traditional burlesque or comic conventions, according to Geekenders creator Fairlith Harvey.

The beginning of the Geeks

“A lot of those events that are conventions means you’re really busy and walking around,” said Harvey. “There weren’t a lot of parties and there weren’t a lot of chances for people to mingle and make friends.”

Harvey says this was her inspiration to create Geekenders.

“Geekenders combines a variety show that has magic and burlesque and dance and singing and all sorts of comedy. We thought people need a place where they can make friends, where they’re not just in line waiting for panels,” Harvey said.

The Rio says they’re proud to announce the joining of the Geekenders into its “lineup of Geeky Wednesday Comedy,” which is on the first Wednesday of each month.

Tickets are available for the Geekenders’ next show, which is at the Wise Hall on April 11.


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