Why so judgmental, Langara?

Cartoon by Ashley Legassic
Cartoon by Ashley Legassic

Langara Hangout could be this school’s saving grace, if more people actually gave it a chance.

This Facebook page was created for people who think Langara is too anti-social and want to meet new friends.


Eighty-six people have liked it, but compare that to the 1,215 people who like Langara Confessions (at time of publish).

The Facebook page Langara Confessions is popular among students, but in case you live under a rock, here’s what it is.

From the posts I’ve seen, it’s a page to remain anonymous while talking about the annoying girl in the back of your biology class, or the cute boy that sits beside you in English.

Some people take it a little too far, like “Stop shaking your leg in class. I can’t concentrate when I see you looking like you’re having a seizure in my peripheral vision,” or my personal favourite “someone sat in my seat in class today. I was absolutely livid. I mean seriously, who does that?!”

The anti-social side of Langara

These anti-social and rude comments make me upset that I go to such a judgmental school, and I find myself having anxiety about whether a rude post is about me.

Langara Hangout receives a maximum of four comments and 10 likes per post, showing that although people have joined the group, the vast majority aren’t interested in actually hanging out or socializing with each other.

The creator of this group tried to organize a board game event with a whopping six people accepting the invite.

So put more effort in, Langara. I guarantee if you try to socialize and join groups and events you’ll meet friends and you won’t regret it.

All of us are in college together, and having friends from our school is important in succeeding, to have them help you study or to help you with an assignment.

This school needs less judging and more socializing.



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