Theresa Jacobse finds her nest at Langara

Langara Falcons' Theresa Jacobse warms up in practice
Theresa Jacobse warms up in practice. (Ashley Legassic)

Theresa Jacobse, Langara’s newest falcon, is prominent on PacWest’s radar this season, and she’s not slowing down.

PacWest placed Jacobse as tenth rebounder in the women’s basketball category for the week of January 19, but coach Mike Evans says her skills don’t stop there.

“She’s a very good shooter… and one of the best defenders on our team, if not the best.”

Jacobse’s background

Jacobse doesn't hold back in practice, making shot after shot.
Jacobse doesn’t hold back in practice, making shot after shot. (Ashley Legassic)

Evans attempted to pick up the six-foot-tall forward as a recruit when she first graduated high school from Mission Secondary School, but she decided on the University of Waterloo and played there for two years.

“Recruiting is tough, you’re lucky if you get one percent of them because there’s so many options,” said Evans.

The Roadrunners, Jacobse’s high school team, was in the provincials for all three years she played, and won in her first year on the team.

The Roadrunners’ track record made transitioning to a less successful team in Waterloo very difficult.

“I came from a provincial winning team, so it’s hard to go to losing every single game…the quality just wasn’t there,” said Jacobse.

Jacobse “couldn’t find her niche” in Waterloo, and decided to return to Mission to work.

It didn’t take long for Evans to reach out to the skilled forward and get her on the team.

Jacobse’s arrival

“He got in contact with my mom first, and then he contacted me. I decided why not play again?” said Jacobse.

She didn’t have any problem fitting in at Langara, and is already considered one of the leaders on the team.

“We have three or four kids probably that are really good leaders in our group, but Theresa is definitely one of them. She’s a quiet person but when she speaks people listen,” said Evans.

Jacobse is feeling at home at Langara, and says it’s much more of a community as opposed to a large university.

Despite her team’s record of 5-11, Jacobse has high hopes for the rest of their season and the coming years.

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